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SNS Promotions

Catalog Specials
FREE SNS Penlight with $199 Purchase!
School Nurse Supply is offering you a FREE SNS Penlight on all orders $199.00 or more. The School Nurse Supply Penlight is both sleek and efficient.  A two-in-one pen and flashlight combo, it makes jotting down notes and quick assessments a breeze.  Pen comes with a comfort grip, bright LED light, which can be turned on by using the slide button on the top of the barrel.
FREE SHIPPING, SNS Penlight & Mini Memo Book with $299 Purchase!
Receive FREE Shipping, a FREE SNS Penlight and a FREE SNS Mini Memo Book on all orders $299.00 or more. Keep organized with this sticky note book filled with pads in three different sizes.  This set includes (100) 3" x 4" yellow sheets, (25) 3" x 2" yellow sheets, and (125) page marker strips in neon colors.  Easy to carry around in a pocket or first aid kit, so you will always have it handy and ready to use.
FREE SHIPPING, SNS Penlight, Mini Memo Book & Tote Bag with $399 Purchase!
Receive FREE Shipping, a FREE SNS Penlight, a FREE SNS Mini Memo Book and a FREE SNS School Nurse to the Rescue Tote Bag on all orders $399.00 or more. This tote bag features a premium non-woven polypropylene material which is eco-friendly with adjustable shoulder strap, gusset pockets, document pouch, and plastic bottom insert.  Perfect for carrying all your nursing essentials.
SNS Penlight       SNS Memo     SNS Tote
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