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Air Splint - Child (Complete Set of 4)
Air Splint - Child (Complete Set of 4)

Air Splint - Child (Complete Set of 4)

Your Price: $91.00
Child Size (Complete Set of 4 with Case) Clear air splints permit observation of the injured area and come with a durable zipper that will allow the splint to last for years.
Item Number: 37255

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These air splints inflate in seconds which make them ideal for emergency situations. They are made of double-walled transparent vinyl plastic that comfortably shapes itself to the contour of the limb and allow for monitoring of the injured area. With air splints the application is faster, simpler and more comfortable than conventional bandaging/splinting techniques.
These splints help prevent further damage to soft tissues, combat shock and relieve pain. Air splints immobilize, cushion and protect injured limbs so that the victim can be transported safely and easily. These splints are washable, reusable and can be used during X-raying.
Complete Set Includes:
  • 15” Half Arm
  • 25” Full Arm
  • 15” Half Leg
  • 25” Full Leg

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