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Alphabet Soup
Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup

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Warm up to letters with irresistible alphabet soup!
Item Number: 51469
Bright Bites delivers children’s favorite foods, with a difference: the main ingredient of educational play. Stir this bowl of 26 chunky, colorful letter noodles and scoop them out to build the alphabet, identify colors, and practice early spelling and word formation. Large spoon is made for small hands to grasp (handle spans 1.5” across), while building formidable fine motor skills. This alphabet soup always hits the spot! 

 • 26 Letters 
 • 1 Spoon 
 • 1 Bowl Each letter measures between 1¼’’ and 1½’’ H 

Grades: PreK+ 

Suggested Learning Activities: Color and letter recognition: Have your child group the letters by color and identify each color. Then, name a letter from one of the color piles. See if your child can find the letter, place it on the spoon, and scoop it into the bowl. 

Letter recognition: Place 3–5 letters in the bowl. Name a letter and have your child scoop it out with the spoon. If your child needs extra clues to find a letter, name the color or specify whether it has straight lines, curves, or both.

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