This week, March 15-21, is listed as the most popular week to take a Spring Break. Living just outside Chicago, the annual thought of visiting a warm weather destination after a cold, snowy winter - lounging on the beach, cold beverage in hand, with the waves crashing at my feet, always seems to pop into my head around this time. Realizing that I am not the only one with this thought, travel plans are usually best postponed. Still, this is a great time for students, teachers, as well as school nurses to wind down and have a bit of fun.
For a few school nurses, this is also a great time to extend their helping hand and help the less fortunate. There are many opportunities out there for alternative spring breaks, a chance to visit and volunteer in other countries in need of healthcare assistance. These challenging and rewarding excursions immerse you into another culture to engage underprivileged communities, and provide a lasting experience and contribution to global health.
Not just for students, there is an alternative spring break out there for everyone, with many interests and skill levels in mind. We at School Nurse Supply would love to hear about some of the fulfilling experiences that YOU may have had. Please share!

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