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Beginner Pattern Blocks & Boards
Beginner Pattern Blocks & Boards

Beginner Pattern Blocks & Boards

Your Price: $19.99
A perfect first manipulative! Five two-sided boards with ten recessed design templates are ready to fill with these brightly colored geometric shapes.
Item Number: 92528
Complete the pictures, or create your own designs and matching activities. Everything stores neatly in the sturdy wooden storage box. 

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn: 
  • Choose a block and show it to kids. Identify its shape and color. Ask them to select a matching block. Repeat the activity until kids recognizes the shapes and colors of all the blocks. 
  • Have kids hand you a specific color and/or shape block. Repeat the activity until the child is able to identify each shape and color independently. Have kids place the blocks on a flat surface and create a unique geometric design. 
  • Trace the shapes on paper. Have kids color in each outline to match the piece in the set.

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