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BleedCEASE (25-ct)
BleedCEASE (25-ct)

BleedCEASE (25-ct)

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(25 Packings per Box) BleedCEASE is a Calcium Alginate natural biopolymer where the coagulant is immediately released upon contact with blood.
Item Number: 37153

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All natural and can absorb to up 20X it’s own weight. Works on everyday cuts and scrapes, nosebleeds, lacerations and sports injuries. Each application comes in a sterile package. 

As soon as BleedCEASE® comes in contact with blood, calcium ions are released. Calcium is a clotting factor (Factor IV), which accelerates coagulation, stopping the nosebleed quickly. The soft fibers of BleedCEASE® allow it to be quickly and easily inserted into the nasal cavity without any discomfort and continues to absorb blood throughout the duration of the nosebleed. This allows the nosebleed sufferer to insert BleedCEASE® and forget about it until recommended removal, thirty minutes later. As BleedCEASE® absorbs blood, the sodium ions in the blood changes the packing from a dry mass into a moist or gelified mass. The moistness of the mass against the wound site promotes healing. Since the packing changes into a moist or gelified mass, it does not stick to new clots. This helps prevent resistance and pulling on clots during removal.

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