The Foundation For A Drug Free World is a non profit organization that shows studies which suggest that an estimated 208 million people internationally consume illegal drugs. Another organization, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, suggests that 1 in 5 teens are drug/alcohol active. The pressures of being a good student, good teammate, being "cool", or just being a good kid in general, may drive students down the path of drug and alcohol abuse. Peer pressure and bullying also remain a factor in whether or not students stay drug free. Luckily, adolescent abuse of drugs and alcohol is a preventable behavior and treatable disease.
Teens often overlook the dangers that they face when becoming involved with drugs or alcohol. Impaired vision and reaction time, the inability to focus and study, the long term effects of damaged brain cells and other organs, and even death fall by the wayside with substance abuse. Dangers including unplanned, unprotected, and unwanted sex, depression and suicide, and even jail time are all but forgotten.
At School Nurse Supply, we provide a variety of drug/alcohol abuse awareness and prevention products; such as Educational DVDs, Healthcare Pamphlets, Stickers, and Posters/Charts to aid in your education of students. The knowledge that you instill can empower our youth with factual information about drugs and alcohol, so they are better equipped to make an informed decision to live drug free. Parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and school nurses alike share the responsibility of preventing young adults from going down the wrong path. Drug free is the way to be!

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