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Ear Ease
Ear Ease

Ear Ease

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Ear Ease is the safe, natural, non-invasive way to relieve inner ear pain caused by colds, flu, sinus pressure, altitude changes, allergies, swimming and infections, without the use of drugs or surgery.
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The Ear Ease was invented by a medical doctor who experienced acute ear pain from pressure changes during flight. He found that applying concentrated heat around the ear could provide a release of the pressure. At his family medical clinic he also learned that this simple application of heat with the Ear Ease helped his patients, often in minutes, who came in with ear pain.
A healthy ear generally maintains equal pressure on both sides of the eardrum. When the ear becomes inflamed, infected or clogged, it may lose its ability to consistently equalize pressure and can become very painful.
Applying concentrated heat can help relax and soothe the painful area. As the Eustachian tube opens, it should reestablish equal pressure on the eardrum and help it to drain properly, relieving both pressure and pain.

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