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Early Dismissal Pass Pads (50-ct)
Early Dismissal Pass Pads (50-ct)

Early Dismissal Pass Pads (50-ct)

Your Price: $2.40
(50 Sheets per Pad) The single sheet Early Dismissal pad allows nurses to provide information for students leaving early for any health related issue.
Item Number: 99599
The Early Dismissal Pass provides vital information to teachers for when students are leaving early due to health related issues. This pass will help teachers be prepared for when a student is leaving and will ensure the school safe is aware of an early dismissal. The 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" pass includes Students Name, Grade, Date, Reason for Leaving Early, Time and Signature. This pass is another great way to help provide communication from the nurse to the teachers without disturbing a class. 50 count tear pad

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