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Fellowes AeraMax Pro Air Purifiers - AM3 PC (300-550 sq ft)
Fellowes AeraMax Pro Air Purifiers - AM3 PC (300-550 sq ft)

Fellowes AeraMax Pro Air Purifiers - AM3 PC (300-550 sq ft)

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Model AM3 PC - For up to 300-550 sq ft, Uses 1 Filter (21"W x 10.7"D x 22.7"H) The AeraMax Pro air purifiers reduce airborne contaminants to help improve indoor air quality and neutralize odors in schools, offices and other occupied spaces. With the "PC" models, see real time air quality data with PureView Technology that shows the percentage of particles captured, and a live status of room air quality on a a screen - for peace of mind that the air is clean.
Item Number: 48732
Proprietary and patented EnviroSmart technology enables AeraMax Pro air purifiers to continuously monitor your environment and automatically adjust to clean the air, conserve energy and reduce operating costs.  The 4-stage H13 True HEPA filter effectively removes at least 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns, including allergens like pollen, dust, pet dander and smoke in rooms 300-500 sq ft (for AM3/AM3 PC), or 650-1100 sq ft (for AM4/AM4 PC).

An antimicrobial HEPA treatment is applied to the True HEPA filter to inhibit the growth of odor and stain-causing microorganisms, extending the filter lifespan.  AeraMax Pro purifiers are demonstrated to be 99.9% effective at eliminating COVID-19 within 1 hour of operation though a single air pass.

Stands (included) seamlessly integrate your AeraMax Pro into your space, creating whole-room circulation.  Units plug inot a wall outlet; professional installation not required.  5 year limited manufacturer warranty.  Weighs 20 lbs. **This item is dropshipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow additional time for delivery.**

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