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Filac 3000 EZ Thermometer
Filac 3000 EZ Thermometer

Filac 3000 EZ Thermometer

Your Price: $345.00
The Filac 3000 EZ electronic thermometer utilizes advanced technology to ensure the industry’s fastest, most accurate readings are provided in multiple easy-to-use formats.
Item Number: 12411

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The Filac 3000 EZ thermometer gives advanced accurate readings in under 6 seconds. The compact, user-friendly design stands upright on a flat surface. The Filac 3000 EZ thermometer features an intuitive icon-based interface system with LCD display, unique progress bars that indicate status of temperature measurement and last temperature recall function.
This thermometer also comes equipped with an electronic anti-theft system unit and is self-calibrating. The patented isolation chamber design helps minimize the chance of cross-contamination while enhancing infection control. The push-button probe cover ejection allows the operator to never come into contact with the probe cover. Simply press the button and dispose of the used probe cover in proper waste basket.
This thermometer runs on 4 AA batteries that last around 6000 readings. The automatic on-off function will help to increase the battery life. The Filac 3000 EZ thermometer is a reliable thermometer for any school clinic!

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