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Genius 2 Infrared Tympanic Hospital Grade Electronic Thermometer

On sale $349.00 $314.10
The Genius 2 Infrared Tympanic Hospital Grade Electronic Ear Thermometer is the gold standard in thermometry.
Item Number: 12420
The Genius 2 utilizes a patented Peak Select System which records, analyzes and selects the highest and most accurate temperature in less than 2 seconds. The Peak Select System will record and analyze up to 100 separate measurements.
Tympanic infrared thermometry uses the heat from the tympanic membrane as the basis for the temperature measurement.  The tympanic membrane is the closest membrane to and shares blood flow with the hypothalamus, which is the bodies’ thermostat. The temperature from this membrane provides the closest measurement to the bodies’ core temperature.
The Genius 2 ear thermometer offers a quick release button for disposal of probe covers. This button allows for quick and easy removal of used probe covers. You can count on the Genius 2 ear thermometer to deliver an accurate temperature while saving time, minimizing cross-contamination and offering better patient care!

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