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GlitterBug Powder (2.5 oz)
GlitterBug Powder (2.5 oz)

GlitterBug Powder (2.5 oz)

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(2.5 oz Bottle) GlitterBug powder will expose the trail of contamination under a UVA lamp. Dust small amounts onto a doorknob, desktop, lunch room table, etc., then use the UVA lamp to show what has been touched and where ther "germs" have traveled.
Item Number: 60104

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GlitterBug handwashing products are a clever invention that helps students visualize where the germs lurk and how to avoid them. As the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) stated, "handwashing is the single most important means for preventing the spread of infection," it is imperative that all students learn good handwashing techniques.
Use GlitterBug potion for testing students handwashing techniques and use GlitterBug powder to show where germs can be found on objects we touch. Under the UVA GlowBar lamp the UV fluorescent particles will be illuminated to show students how important it is to have good handwashing techniques.

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