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Hi-Viz Easy-Roll First Aid Station
Hi-Viz Easy-Roll First Aid Station

Hi-Viz Easy-Roll First Aid Station

Your Price: $569.95
Extensive 260-piece mobile trauma first aid kit that meets OSHA guidelines can be wheeled directly to any medical emergency - large or small.
Item Number: 31501
Superior mobility, organization, and supplies make this next generation trauma first aid station the perfect replacement for heavy trauma backpacks and duffel bags or stationary wall-mounted first aid kits. Includes 5 quick-access first aid supply modules, flexible stretcher, first aid flag, and integrated seat and gear platform (300 lb max).

The MobileAid Easy-Roll Trauma First Aid Station brings comprehensive emergency First Aid supplies to the scene of a medical emergency quickly and easily. Meets OSHA requirements and ANSI standards, and is organized in Quick Response modules for rapid response and treatment. With this station, health and medical professionals, as well as trained lay responders, can respond immediately, effectively and confidently.

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