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Hygea Sterile Saline Wipes (24-ct)
Hygea Sterile Saline Wipes (24-ct)

Hygea Sterile Saline Wipes (24-ct)

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Hospital Formula - 3” x 4” (24 Wipes per Box) These Sterile Saline Wipes are an efficient, convenient, one-step alternative to bottled saline and gauze pads.
Item Number: 17236
This sterile, heavy-saturated wipe has no preservatives and is designed for cleaning cuts, scrapes or other delicate tissue. These wipes reduce the risk of cross-contamination and are a great alternate to bottled saline. These convenient, cost-effective wipes deliver a consistent dose of sterile saline with every application. These wipes are 100% cotton and lint free.
Recommended For:
  • Wound care and wound cleansing
  • General skin cleansing
  • Cleaning skin after antiseptic application
  • Newborn eye area cleansing
  • Umbilical cord area care
  • Cleansing of diaper area
  • Dermatitis due to diaper rash

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