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Latex Free Adhesive Pads (Sterile) - 2
Latex Free Adhesive Pads (Sterile) - 2' x 3' (100/Box)

Latex Free Adhesive Pads (Sterile) - 2" x 3" (100/Box)

Your Price: $7.29
Adhesive - 2” x 3” (100 per Box) This latex free, absorbent pad is great for large surface cuts and protects against germs.
Item Number: 8370

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These latex free, non-adherent, adhesive pads are extremely absorbent and will protect any cut from germs and dirt. The non-stick surface is smooth and prevents adhesion to the wound. This protects the wound and makes it more comfortable for someone to wear. The soft pad helps keep dirt and germs out of the wound preventing any infection. The adhesive pad is great for fast application to wounds. Simply peel off the paper and conveniently place on skin. These pads are ideal for any clinic!

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