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Lice Infestation Forms (100/Pkg)
Lice Infestation Forms (100/Pkg)

Lice Infestation Forms (100/Pkg)

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(100 per Package) With the problematic lice breakouts at schools, these Lice Infestation forms are a staple that every nurse should have at hand. Form contains important information pertaining to date of occurrence and treatment to be performed.
Item Number: 99589
Lice infestation can occur at any school and become a pesky problem if left undetected. The forms list: date of occurrence, what was found and the next steps that should be taken in treating the problem. Also included is a helpful fact sheet with frequently asked questions for the parents. Size: 8 1/2” x 5 1/2”, 2 copies (parent/office), 1 FAQ sheet for parents.

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