Are you Back to School Ready?  School Nurse Supply can provide you with a lice elimination solution from head to home! Head lice inspections are right around the corner. Finding and eliminating lice through their stages of development can be tricky, but with these great products, your students are sure to be NitFree!
This stainless steel comb has exclusive microgrooved teeth that remove lice and nits safely. Easily combs nits out of the hair, without harm to the hair.  You are to sterilize the comb and use it multiple times to treat multiple students.
#41980  NitFree Terminator.....$7.85 ea
Non-toxic, pesticide free product proven to wash away head lice and their eggs (nits) in just one treatment.
#21450  4 oz.....$9.95 ea
Natural, not-toxic lice shampoo made with essential oils to fight off lice and their eggs (nits).
#21452  8 oz.....9.95 ea
With the same active ingredients as RID, this generic lice shampoo offers a quality treatment at a great price.  Quickly eliminates an infestation of lice and their eggs.
#21436  Generic Lice Shampoo.....$5.95 ea
The Robi Comb is designed to electronically detect and destroy head lice on contact.  The Robi Comb will buzz until it traps a louse.  A small electrical discharge destroys adult and just hatched lice.
#41920  LiceGuard RobiComb.....$24.99 ea
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