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LiceGuard Pro Kit
LiceGuard Pro Kit

LiceGuard Pro Kit

Your Price: $98.00
This professional all inclusive head lice kit contains everything healthcare providers need to easily, accurately and quickly detect headlice.
Item Number: 41924
This kit not only helps you to detect the presence of lice, but also kills lice and their eggs on contact and prevents against future outbreaks.
  • Medically Proven – You’ll be free of lice in minutes.
  • Safe – You won’t be exposed to harmful pesticides.
  • Prevents – Regular use will prevent against future outbreaks.
  • Peace of Mind – You’ll know for sure when you are lice-free.
  • Economical – You’ll save money because it’s reusable.
  • Quick and Easy to Use – You can use anytime, anywhere.
  • Good for the Environment – No chemicals are used at all.

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