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Lippincott Nursing Procedures
Lippincott Nursing Procedures

Lippincott Nursing Procedures

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This start-to-finish guide includes over 400 nursing procedures from basic to advanced. Every entry lists equipment, details each step to perform right at the bedside and provides rationales and cautions to ensure patient safety and positive outcomes.
Item Number: 96018
With clear, step-by-step guidelines and hundreds of sidebars, photos, illustrations and eye-catching alerts, you'll find the level of detail required to provide optimal hands-on patient care. Organized alphabetically for fast, easy access, this 8th edition addresses what the nurse needs to know and do to perform best-practice procedures concerning infection control, specimen collection, physical assessment, drug administration, IV therapy and hemodynamic monitoring. This go-to reference provides everything you need to do your job confidently and well, whether you are beginning your nursing  career, learning a new skill or brushing up on a familiar technique. Copyright 2018, 884 pages. 

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