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Madsen Alpha OAE+ 8
Madsen Alpha OAE+ 8

Madsen Alpha OAE+ 8

Your Price: $3,895.00
The MADSEN Alpha OAE+ offers eight protocols, including a mix of automatic stopping criteria and complete frequency range tests.
Item Number: 81501
Hearing screening can be a challenge - not only for the child but for the screener. Otometrics takes pride in creating intelligent, user-driven solutions that you can trust: designed to overcome challenges and instill confidence, one concern you never have worry about is accuracy with the Madsen Alpha. Madsen Alpha's high quality and full color touch screen is appealing to both screener and the child. Built-in probe check cavity, allowing the screener to check the probe in an instant.

Once the probe is placed in the ear, just a single touch starts the test. That single touch also starts an entertaining cartoon to keep the child engaged and quiet during the test. The cartoon helps to create a friendly, relaxed test environment to decrease test time and increase the number of complete tests.

It comes with a docking station for charging and includes a Print-to-PDF feature. Optional Label Printer is available for both this model (Alpha OAE+) and the Alpha OAE.

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