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Maico MA 27 Audiometer (DD65 v2 Headset)
Maico MA 27 Audiometer (DD65 v2 Headset)

Maico MA 27 Audiometer (DD65 v2 Headset)

Your Price: $1,430.00
(DD65 v2 Circumaural Headset) **UPDATED MODEL** The MA 27's dependability has made it a favorite of hearing professionals for years. Rugged, all-in-one housing and reliable engineering means it's the audiometer you can count on.
Item Number: 39738

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The new DD65 v2 headsets will provide more comfort and improved noise reduction. The headset places the cushion around the outside of the external ear compared to other headphones that sit directly on the external ear providing a more comforting fit. One cord design allows for easier placement and removal of the headphones from the audiometer units. Due to the circumaural fit of the headphone, noise reduction of external environmental sounds is improved compared to the DD45 headset. This allows standard room noise to cause less interference during the testing process which leads to faster and more reliable results.

Carefully Engineered for Accuracy
State-of-the-art audiometric circuitry ensures accurate, fast test results. Switch between tone, pulse or warble by simply pressing a button. Large, fingertip control knobs provide access to a full range of frequencies and hearing levels.
  • All-in-one sturdy case with built-in handle and storage.
  • Continuous, pulse, warble tones.
  • Easy fingertip operation of frequency and hearing level controls.
Easy to Transport
The rigid, yet lightweight case with built-in handle and storage compartment not only protects the audiometer, but also allows you to pick-up-and-go in a hurry. Ample storage holds headphones and other accessories.

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