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RapidStop Tourniquet (Orange)
RapidStop Tourniquet (Orange)

RapidStop Tourniquet (Orange)

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The RapidStop Tourniquet relies on key technologies to achieve rapid, intuitive and easy on-handed self-application. Application is even faster when a responder uses both hands to apply the tourniquet to a victim.
Item Number: 68710

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Achieves full occlusion reliably and rapidly.  It requires only gross motor control, allowing self-application to be readily possible.  The RapidStop Tourniquet is appropriate for controlling hemorrhage for injuries to both the arms and legs.

Three simple and fast steps set RapidStop apart from the competition.  Guided by instructions on the product, pocket-sized instruction cards and video format.  Integrated instructions on the tourniquet are included using waterproof vinyl tags resistant to any wear and tear.

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