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School Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice — 4th Edition
School Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice — 4th Edition

School Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice — 4th Edition

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(4th Edition) This book is a comprehensive, up-to-date delineation of the competent level of nursing practice and professional performance common to and expected from all school nurses.
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The premier resource for today's school nurses, School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice — 3rd Edition is by school nurses for school nurses, who often can be the only healthcare provider in an educational setting. Bridging those two worlds is but one distinctive challenge of this nursing specialty. Updated competencies are at the heart of the publication's 20 standards statements, which frame the evaluation of practice outcomes and goals of all school nurses and delineate what is expected of their practice, by their healthcare peers and others in educational settings.

Its scope of practice, the what, how, where, when, who, and why of their practice is the context for applying these standards.
  • What school nursing is: The definition and description of school nursing practice, and its five tenets, which characterize its conduct and thread through the scope and standards of that practice.
  • How school nurses practice professionally: The ways, means, methods, processes, and manner by which the school nurse practices to create and sustained health-oriented system of care, including interprofessional collaboration.
  • Where school nursing occurs: Settings including school-based health centers and wellness centers, and locations away from or outside of school or the school day, all which need to be healthy work and learning environments.
  • When school nursing occurs: Whenever research and evidence-based nursing is needed to advance the well-being, academic success, and lifelong achievement of each student; encompasses special-needs and environmental health issues.
  • Who school nurses are: RNs, graduate-level-prepared RNs, and APRNs who have been educated, titled, and maintain active licensure to practice; some statistical context and details on professional competence and its evaluation fill out this portrait.
  • Why school nursing: School nurses advocate for a diverse array of students, families, and school communities while supporting student health, safety, and learning; they are guided by nursing's ethical code a code of ethics specific to school nursing, and a culturally congruent and holistic approach to the nursing process.

    School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice — 3rd Edition covers the full extent of nurse practice at all levels and in all settings and roles. It is a must-have for the practicing or aspiring school nurse and a useful resource for allied interprofessional practitioners and stakeholders. ©2022. 146 pages.
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