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See & Spell Learning Toy
See & Spell Learning Toy

See & Spell Learning Toy

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Complete a puzzle to spell a word! This handsome wooden puzzle set helps children gain familiarity with the letters of the alphabet and their sounds as kids develop a sight-reading vocabulary.
Item Number: 92940
The letters are also wonderful for stenciling and lots of learning games. More than 60 colorful wooden letters fit into the eight two-sided cutout boards to spell three- and four-letter words. All this spelling and fine motor fun fits into one compact wooden storage case!  

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn: 

  • Give kids one of each letter, "a" through "z." Ask them to place the letters in alphabetical order. Once they have successfully completed the alphabet, have them identiy the color of each letter. 
  • Place the letters "at" on a flat surface. Ask kids if there are words they are able to spell by placing a single letter in front of the "at." For example: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, or vat. Try other word endings like "ad," "an," or "ame." 
  • Place eight boards in front of kids. Say an initial letter sound. Have kids remove any board(s) with that initial sound. Repeat the activity until all the panels have been removed. 
  • Allow kids to choose either side of any panel. Ask them to identify the letters needed to spell the word and to repeat the image's initial letter sound.

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