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Plusoptix (Infrared Photo Retinoscopy), the most accurate and objective screening tool available approved for ALL SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN. Screening with Plusoptix takes 10-15 seconds per child, with no patient response required, saving you, the school nurse, invaluable hours when performing mass vision screenings. 

Plusoptix is THE PREMIER screening device available today.

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The 4th generation mobile vision screener from PlusOptix offers objective vision screening at an affordable price. Vision screening can be performed on any child because the only compliance needed is a short fixation on the camera. Screen children as young as 6 months old in less than a second. 

Results Identify: Refractive Error (nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism); Binocular Alignment (strabismus, eye turns); Unequal Refractive Error (anisometropia); Unequal Pupil Size (anisorcoria). A "pass" or "refer" screening result is displayed automatically.

Quantity discount available. Please call for more information.

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