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The Truth About: VIOLENCE (DVD)
The Truth About: VIOLENCE (DVD)

The Truth About: VIOLENCE (DVD)

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**LIMITED SUPPLY, SAVE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!** Grade 6-12 (57 minutes) This DVD will teach students about violence and the consequences that follow.
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Teen violence in the United States has reached epidemic proportions. Over half of children in grades 6 through 12 say they could get a handgun, and 1 in 4 murders of juveniles involves a juvenile offender. Over 2,000 children are abused every day, and most of them go on to commit violent acts.
This explosive documentary provides compelling media support for health and guidance units on teen violence, conflict resolution, youth-at-risk, behavioral choices and decision making, and gangs. Students' understanding of the correlation between risky behavior, violence, and their personal well-being is reinforced when seen through the eyes of eight Los Angeles teens.
Four are in gangs or involved with gang members, three are on probation for violent behavior, and all have histories of harming their peers, teachers, or themselves. These young people think nothing of potentially using a gun and have no consideration for the consequences of their violent acts. The teens then participate in a program that brings them face-to-face with how violence impacts victims' lives.
They witness in graphic detail the effects of violence, tour a shelter for battered women, and undertake a grueling challenge in the rugged Colorado mountains to learn empathy, teamwork, and the possiblity of changing their violent ways. In a highly emotional visit, the teens tour Columbine High School, where a grieving father, brother, and teacher share their heartbreaking stories of loss and anger.
After a month of learning to see violence for what it is, the teens are determined to change their lives and to help curb teen violence by reaching out to others like themselves.

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