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Therma-Kool Reusable Hot/Cold Pack - 3
Therma-Kool Reusable Hot/Cold Pack - 3' x 5' (Each)

Therma-Kool Reusable Hot/Cold Pack - 3" x 5" (Each)

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3" x 5" (Each) These gel packs are non-toxic and can hold a hot/cold temperature for up to 30 minutes. They are soft, durable and will remain flexible even at 0 degrees. Hospital proven, latex-free.
Item Number: 20161

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Therma-Kool reusable gel packs are designed to provide comfortable pain relief when cold or hot therapy is required. Therma-Kool remains flexible when frozen for up to 30 minutes and is safe for microwavable use. Use cold for the treatment of sprains, strains, headaches, contusions, bruises and minor bleeding/burns. Use hot therapy for temporary relief of muscle stiffness, aches and pains. Hospital proven, latex free, non-toxic and easy to clean for reuse. Preferred by School Nurses!

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