The 2012-13 school year is in full swing and students are getting settled into their new schedules.  By now, they have completely navigated the maze of hallways, through the sea of fellow students, and hopefully found the classroom that they are supposed to be in.  The location of their home room, locker, as well as the lunch table of this year's heart throb have all been duly noted.  It is also likely that some students have already made a special trip to see their School Nurse.  Whether they are there because they are sick, need some help, or just want to say hi, students can fill a School Nurse's day up quickly. 
Time is everything when it comes to caring for a student's needs.  The more time that you can devote to the care of your students, the better the treatment and results will be.  We at School Nurse Supply understand the importance of time when it comes to a School Nurse and their busy day.  That is why we strive to provide you with the fastest and most efficient way to order your first aid and medical supply needs.  When you order with School Nurse Supply, you will receive Quality Products & Superior Service - At the Best Price!
To help free up some of your day this Fall season, we have released our 2012 Fall Flyer.  Filled with fantastic promotions and a plethora of NEW products, School Nurse Supply is offering OVER 50 ways for you to SAVE both time and money.  Our Fall Flyer allows you to conveniently find everything that you will need for a HEALTHY school year, providing you with the time that you need for your students.
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