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Total Water Quality Test Kit
Total Water Quality Test Kit

Total Water Quality Test Kit

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This Total Water Quality Test Kit is designed mainly for Private Wells. All the test can be perform Instantly in your home – No Lab Fees Required.
Item Number: 39005
This Total Water Quality Test Kit can check your water for: 

  • Bacteria in Water 
  • Lead in Water 
  • Pesticides in Water 
  • Total Alkalinity Total Chlorine 
  • Total Hardness 
  • pH (Acidity) 
  • Iron 
  • Copper Nitrates 
  • Nitrites 
Clean drinking water is essential for good health. The water from your tap may not be safe. Even if your water looks and taste good it may contain harmful contaminants. Bottled water and private wells are not regulated by the US EPA. It is up to you to test your water for harmful contaminants. Your family deserves the safest and healthiest water possible. Water experts advise testing the water you drink regularly. 

WHAT IS TOTAL WATER QUALITY? Water quality is determined by the amount of contaminants in your drinking water. Some contaminants are capable of causing a wide range of health problems. For this reason, it is very important to know the amount and kinds of contaminants that are in your drinking water. If the levels of contaminants in your water are below EPA guidelines, the water is considered safe to drink. If your PRO-LAB® Total Water Quality Test Kit indicates your water is hazardous to your health, you should not drink the water. 

WHERE DOES YOUR DRINKING WATER COME FROM? About half of our drinking water supply comes from surface water such as streams, rivers and lakes. The other half comes from water found underground. Both surface water and groundwater is used by 140,000 water utilities to supply water to 310 million people in the United States. More than one-third of Americans receive their drinking water from private wells. 

HOW DO YOU FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE A WATER QUALITY PROBLEM? To find out if water is safe to drink, you must test. The PRO-LAB® Total Water Quality Test Kit is the most complete and accurate instant water test available to the consumer. The NON-TOXIC laboratory grade test strips provide quick and reliable results. If you would like to have a professional water inspection, go to www.inspectorseek.com and an IAC2 / INTERNACHI home inspector can identify the source of a potential problem in your home, school or office water supply.

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