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Water-Jel Blanket Plus Canister (36
Water-Jel Blanket Plus Canister (36' x 30')

Water-Jel Blanket Plus Canister (36" x 30")

Your Price: $64.50
(36" x 30") This fire blanket is ideal for areas that a fire may need to be contained like a kitchen or science lab.
Item Number: 23130
A full-size blanket that adequately covers a patient and can be used to extinguish flamed and smoldering clothes or dangerous white phosphorous. The durable, easily identifiable canister protects the blanket from outside elements. Directions for use on clearly defined on the canister label to assist during an emergency. There is a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacturer which makes this blanket ideal for areas where a fire may need to be contained.

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