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Wooden Mosaic Tiles & Pattern Boards
Wooden Mosaic Tiles & Pattern Boards

Wooden Mosaic Tiles & Pattern Boards

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Pattern Blocks and Boards let kids explore shapes and colors hands-on as they fill wooden backgrounds with sturdy wooden pieces!
Item Number: 96029
Follow one of 10 design templates or create your own mosaic using 120 colorful wooden tiles in six different shapes. Matching and mosaics--what a gorgeous way for kids three and older to develop fine motor skills! 

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn: 
  • Create a linear pattern using four blocks. Have kids replicate the pattern. Increase the difficulty by adding more blocks. 
  • Have kids sort the pattern blocks by color. Ask them to count the number of pieces of each color. Review the names of each geometric shape with kids (green = triangle; yellow = hexagon; red = trapezoid; orange = square; blue = large rhombus/diamond; white = small rhombus/diamond). 
  • Have kids combine two or more blocks to make another shape. For example: two triangles make one rhombus. Stacking the blocks on top of each other may help kids better visualize the equivalency. 
  • Have kids find seven different ways to replicate the hexagon. 1) two trapezoids 2) six triangles 3) three rhombuses/diamonds 4) one trapezoid, one triangle, and a rhombus/diamond 5) one trapezoid and three triangles 6) four triangles and one rhombus/diamond 7) two rhombuses/diamonds and two triangles.

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