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WoundSeal & Applicator (2-ct)
WoundSeal & Applicator (2-ct)

WoundSeal & Applicator (2-ct)

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(2 Applications per Package) The WoundSeal® Powder & Applicator is best for hard-to-reach head wounds & nosebleeds.
Item Number: 30794

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WoundSeal® Powder from QR is composed of a non-toxic mixture that, once applied to the wound, adheres to the wound tissue, absorbing and interacting with its fluids to form a Hematrix scab. This unique cover stops the bleeding, protects the wound, and allows the body's own mechanism to begin healing. The seal is safe to leave in place until it falls off naturally and the wound heals. Now you have confidence to know you can control bleeding wherever you are. 
  • Stops bleeding instantly. 
  • Forms a seal over the bleeding site-seal stays in place until wound heals. 
  • Works for people on blood thinners or with special bleeding or vessel disorders. 
  • Safe for all ages.

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