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Head Lice Got You Buggin'?

Let us send you a FREE sample of the WelComb lice comb to assist!

We at School Nurse Supply, know that head lice is a big back to school problem.

We also know there is a lot of talk about solutions that claim to kill lice.  After extensive research, WelComb has learned that it's the comb, not the pesticides, that consistently and effectively kill lice.  It's all about the comb...
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Back To School Hearing Screening Savings

Maico MA 25 Portable Audiometer

The MA 25 is engineered to be a portable, tough, and reliable air conduction audiometer with full range of frequencies.  The Super-lightweight MA 25 weighs in at only 2.5 lbs and is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. 

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