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plusoptiX S12R Mobile Vision Screener
plusoptiX S12R Mobile Vision Screener

plusoptiX S12R Mobile Vision Screener

Your Price: $4,995.00
(Resistive Touch Screen Unit) The 4th generation mobile vision screeners from plusoptiX offer objective vision screening at an affordable price. Vision screening can be performed on any child due to the required short fixation on the camera. Screen children as young as 6 months old in less than a second.
Item Number: 79110

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The plusoptiX is a specialized piece of equipment provided by School Nurse Supply.  Please call 800-485-2737 with any questions before buying so we may assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.

The purpose of a plusoptiX vision screening device is to empower primary health care providers to detect most prevalent vision disorders in children as early as possible. The earlier a vision disorder is detected the better it can be treated.

With the possibility of connecting the device to your EMR system, there are a variety of ways to document the measurement results.  Allowing for high demand in product quality and customer service, plusoptiX vision screeners provide an optimal solution for fast and uncomplicated vision screening in your office.  

Basic Features:
  • Binocular, non-invasive readings with simultaneous measurement of both eyes.
  • Intuitive, icon based touchscreen operation.
  • Measurement results are compared to age specific thresholds and a “Pass” or “Refer” vision screening result is displayed (“Refer” vision screening result need to be sent to an eye care professional for an eye examination).
  • Measurement from 1 m (3.3 feet) distance to the child.
  • Measurement in less than one second.
  • Can be used on undilated pupils.
  • Fully automated function.
  • Children can be measured starting at 6 months of age.
  • Measurement is delegable and can easily be performed by an ophthalmic technician.
  • Possibility to measure over glasses and contact lenses.

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