When submitting a quote or a bid request, you can expect School Nurse Supply® to be as competitive as it gets. We strive to continually provide you with Quality Products & Superior Service - At the BEST Price.

We will also make every attempt to provide a prompt response to meet all deadlines, meet or beat competitor's pricing, and make sure that everything you order arrives to you - ready to use. 

How do I request a quote? 
  1. DOWNLOAD our Quote Submission & Bid Request Form (click the image below).
  2. FILL OUT the form by adding your requested Quantity, SNS Item Number, product Description, and any Notes specific to the requested item.
  3. EMAIL the completed form to our Bid Department - [email protected].

What are the Terms and Conditions?
We offer flexible options to help guarantee that all of your needs are met.  All quotes approved by School Nurse Supply® are valid for 90 days.  Payment terms are Net 30.  When converting a Quote or Bid Request into an actual SNS order, please reference the approved Quote Number to ensure proper pricing. 

Who can I contact with questions about my quote?
Our professional team of helpful sales and customer service representatives are able to assist you during normal business hours at 800-485-2737.  You can also email our Bid Department directly at [email protected].  For specific questions or concerns, please contact our Bid Director - Jeff Giesel at [email protected].